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Winning a competition can bring recognition and validation for a work of art created by an artificial intelligence. This can help establish the work as genuine art and legitimise it in the art world.

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Legal certificate of authenticity in PDF for your physical and digital artworks.

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Creation of certified NFTs for your artworks on the Polygon blockchain for OpenSea.

Certified NFT

A new standard 100% OpenSea compatible that legally certifies your NFT on the blockchain.

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Participate in exclusive art contests for AI and gain artistic credibility with your buyers.

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Artcertificate.IO is the best platform to create works with AI artificial intelligence, create NFT certificates of authenticity and participate in art contests.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not only affecting industries like business and healthcare. It is also playing an increasing role in the creative industries by ushering in a new era of AI-generated art. AI technologies and tools are often widely accessible to anyone, which is helping to create an entirely new generation of artists.

We often hear that AI is going to automate away or take over all human tasks, including those in art, film, and other creative industries. But this is far from the case. AI is a supplemental tool that artists can use to explore new creative territory.

These creative AI tools can be used by anyone to create art, which can often be turned into NFTs.

Blue Willow (free)
Night Cafe
Mid Journey

Creating great AI artwork requires more than a simple text prompt. Let's show you how to level up your AI art.

Creating AI art can become a hobby just like photography or painting. Despite what people might think about how easy it is to write a prompt that quickly returns a piece of art, skill and judgment are necessary to produce something good.

Hidden away inside each unique AI art generator are settings you can adjust and editing tools you can use to improve your image. Outside these websites, you can skill up by learning the lingo used in different art mediums and sharing your creations with fellow AI artists.

Here are our tips and tricks for creating better AI art.

1. Choose the Highest Resolution Output
Where possible, you want to choose the highest resolution for your AI-generated art. A low-res, pixilated image is a guaranteed way to turn people away. Or worse, they might think that your image has been poorly copied from the original artist, and you didn't create it at all.

Adjusting the resolution is a key part of using Midjourney to create AI art. Keep an eye out for the buttons labeled U1, U2, U3, and U4. The U stands for upscale, and it's followed by the number of the image variation you want to apply it to.

If instead, you frequent NightCafe, you have the choice of using an in-built AI-powered upscaler with a maximum size of 8000 x 8000 px.

DALL-E users, on the other hand, don't have any other option but to stick to the resolution given. An interesting way around this is to use the Outpainting feature, which we will cover later on in this list.

2. Upscale Your Image
Another solution for the problem of low-res AI-generated images is to use third-party image upscaling software. You can find upscale tools inside editing software like Photoshop, but they also exist as stand-alone online applications.

AI is becoming much more common now, making AI-powered upscalers a popular option across the internet. When your AI art generator of choice won't let you increase the resolution of your image, try one of these other options to upscale an image without losing quality

3. Use Outpainting to Expand Your AI Artwork
Image editor in Dall-E displaying a new frame generation
As we mentioned earlier, DALL-E's Outpainting tool is a neat compromise for the lack of upscaling options. Using the in-built editor, you can utilize the Outpainting feature to create new AI-generated frames that blend into the original artwork.

This way, you can build an image out in any direction, which in turn lets you increase the dimensions of your art. Here's how to use Outpainting in DALL-E if you've never tried it before.

Don't be mistaken in thinking it only works on images made with DALL-E either. You can upload your own image to the editor, perhaps a work you created with Midjourney or NightCafe, and start extending the image beyond its original borders.

4. Fix Mistakes Using Photoshop
Some AI artists stick strictly to prompt engineering to create their art. But if you don't mind mixing in a few outside techniques, then Photoshop is well worth adding to your painters' toolbox.

Telltale signs of AI image generators often include asymmetric facial features, incomplete limbs, and odd placements of objects. Expand your skill set beyond AI art and try learning ways to use Photoshop to fix your Midjourney art.

5. Download the Image Without a Watermark
Close up screenshot of the Dall-E watermark
For your image to look professional, it shouldn't show the watermark from the AI generator, which is a problem for anyone using DALL-E. The five colored squares in the bottom right of the image are a feature of all images created on this platform.

Saving DALL-E images without the watermark luckily isn't hard, nor is it prohibited. We only wish they would give you the option. Instead, you will have to open the image using a browser inspector and click on the image link to get the non-watermark version.

6. Write a Good Prompt
Creating stunning AI art largely depends on how well you can write a prompt. So, just how do you do that?

Learning a few key modifiers will help for a start. The art style, color palette, lighting, and composition are a few things you can include to guide the AI. You can also ask the AI generator to create something in the style of a well-known artist whose work might have helped train the model in the first place.

Word order also affects the final product, so place important elements of the artwork at the start of the prompt and leave extra details toward the end.

In a conversation with a NightCafe AI artist, they explain that a useful technique is to build a prompt one modifier at a time. Start with something simple like "portrait of a Shih Tzu", then add one keyword at a time to see how it affects the picture.

This will teach you how modifiers affect an image and give you time to hone in on each new element you want to add.

7. Learn About Different Art Styles
A gallery of images created with Midjourney
The key to AI art generators, also known as text-to-image generators, is the words you choose. Ironically, if you want to create AI masterpieces that evoke the essence of real-world pieces of art, you need to learn more about different art styles.

Jargon is the language of AI art generators. The medium of photography, for example, uses keywords like macro, backlit, silhouette, bokeh, etc. All useful words that you can put into the AI system.

Alongside improving your AI art, this is a valid excuse to begin learning about the diverse styles of art out there.

8. Collect Inspiration for Prompts
Staring at the blank space where you have to enter a prompt is just as bad as staring at a blank canvas. Where do you begin?

Just as a painter might keep a notebook of ideas, or a writer might jot down interesting sentences they come across, you can benefit from collecting inspiration for AI art prompts. Think about noting down color palettes or highlighting descriptive text. These will be your raw materials to feed into the AI system.

9. Share Your Work With Other AI Artists

AI art is an exciting new genre and many artists are finding joy in sharing both their ideas and techniques for making the most of this technology.

Communities exist on places like Reddit and Discord, and there you will find some fantastic examples of art generated with AI. Reading other people's prompts is a quick way to discover new modifiers that you can use in your own work.

Here are a few communities you can check out:

NightCafe: Join the community on the subreddit r/nightcafe
Midjourney: Join the official Midjourney discord server
DALL-E 2: Join the official OpenAI discord server
The Certificate of Authenticity is needed to determine that a work of art is authentic and has been created by the artist who sells it. The Certificate of Authenticity must include several compulsory indications in order to be valid. You must provide a Certificate of Authenticity to the buyer (even if the buyer does not request it) along with the invoice for the sale of your work. Here are the main points that must be included in a Certificate of Authenticity when purchasing a work of art:

1) It should be issued by the most competent person
The author of the artwork, a rightful owner or a professional recognized in the art industry.

2) It should be forgery-proof
Making a document or a Certificate of Authenticity forgery-proof requires at the very least that it is impossible to photocopy and that its reproduction using a digital camera gives very bad results. This document or Certificate of Authenticity can also be protected against forgery by the presence of a watermark, which includes a security hologram.

3) It should only be available in a single copy
It is important to ensure that the Certificate of Authenticity exists in a single copy only. No duplicates of the Certificate of Authenticity should be issued. In the event of loss of the Certificate of Authenticity by the buyer, the authorized creator may provide a document stating who is the original buyer of the artwork and that there is no other Certificate of Authenticity of the same reference.

4) It should guarantee the artwork's authentication
A clear indication of the author of the Certificate of Authenticity, the date of issue, a precise description of the artwork (format, technique, medium, location of the signature), a unique identification number, number in the series, a photo of the artwork. Of course the Certificate of Authenticity must be signed by hand. The invoice is used as identification but it is a simple identification and the seller of the artwork doesn't necessarily want to provide the invoice.

5) The Certificate of Authenticity must be listed
The Certificate of Authenticity must be listed with a picture of the artworkin order to verify the validity of the Certificate of Authenticity on the artwork and to contact the authors if necessary.

Blockchain is a technology for storing and transmitting information, transparent, secure, and operating without a central control body. A public blockchain can therefore be assimilated to a public, anonymous and tamper-proof accounting ledger.

Artcertificate allows you today to register your certificates of authenticity on the Blockchain of the Polygon network in order to guarantee you ENHANCED SECURITY and OPTIMUM TRACEABILITY.

- Traditional physical works
- Dematerialized digital works
- Unique certificates of authenticity
- Assignment and rights contract

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Artcertificate is organizing every year international contemporary art competition open to artists from all countries. All works of art are accepted: drawings, paintings, sculptures and pictures. The aim is to reward and ENHANCE the careers of the artists.

How to participate?
Registration is free and allows you to submit 1 to 3 works to the competition in order to increase your chances of winning a prize. Once your application has been approved, you will be asked to pay entry fees depending on the number of works uploaded. This contribution is invaluable and allows Artcertificate to finance the entire operation and to guarantee the rewards offered to the winners. The official announcement of the results will be made on the website.

Establishment of the jury
Artcertificate seeks to move away from traditional juries made up of galleries, professionals or guests. We would like the artists themselves to be involved in the choice and final selection of the works. Why? Simply because they are the most qualified.

How to be part of the jury?
Registration is free and open to all, just fill in the form.

It is important that each member of the jury be committed in order to carry out this task pleasantly and seriously. A member of the jury will not be allowed to promote his or her own works.

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